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This lifejournal does have slashy adult contents, so if you are offended by gay material
in word or picture, don't ask to be added here.

As you can tell from my banner, this site is dedicated to Jared Leto & Colin Farrell as RP or AU
persons or any of the characters they depicted such as Hephaistion & Alexander.

I also like Lord of the Rings with the pairing Legolas & Aragorn, as well as the RL persons Orlando Bloom & Viggo Mortensen, although they've been shamefully neglected of late. And since just recently this year - 2015 - my new addiction Daryl Dixon/Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead as well as the actors who play them Norman Reedus/Andrew Lincoln are added to this list.

If you are interested to be added here, I'd like to point out that I expect peeps on my flist to show their interest by commenting at least once in a while. I don't care for 'corpses' (although I'm a fan of the walking dead now ... LoL), who are just there but never interact with me. :-)

My stories have all been posted on two of the Jared & Colin comm sites:

So if the only reason you are asking for access is to read my stories, please go to these sites.

Now, If you are still interested and want to become part of my little exclusive circle of friends, comment and I'll friend you.

Take care -

~ Tariel ~
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Friends cut

Hi, dear flist!

I know I'll only have the attention of the usual dirty dozen here :)), but I'll address the entire flist now nevertheless. I've come to the decision to make a friends cut and get rid of some corpses that have been lingering on my flist for way too long now. Those of you who come here often or at least once in a while won't notice a difference, since these people never comment at all anyhow.

You probably wonder why I feel this step is necessary, since those of you who never comment don't bother in any way. Well, that's true, but I keep wondering why you are here at all, if you are obviously not interested in the least what I've got to say or share. No matter what I've posted ever since I came here in late 2009, there are some who never ever breathed a word to anything.

So I guess you either don't care for LJ or the fandom in general or me - or all of these together. Perfectly okay. It's everybody's own decision how they want to occupy their time and if your interests changed or you feel LJ is just not for you (any longer), fine. No problem. But I'm sharing not only things on this fandom that are very dear to me, but personal stuff as well, and I don't see why I should do that if some of you never even had the decency to tell me your names or tell me anything about you for that matter.

I mean, after 1 1/2 years you might think people would have at least told you their birthday, so you can congratulate, or the country they live in or their first name. I don't want anybody's full biography and I don't expect a mile long comment to each and every post, Lord, no. Only to every other one ... LoL  I just think it's not too much to ask to drop a short "Hi, I'm still here and I still look at your stuff" like every other month or so. To some of you I talk almost daily or at least once or twice a week and I've grown very fond of you peeps and you are the ones I consider *friends*. How can I consider someone a friend who keeps ignoring me and what is dear to me? Some didn't even send a short message for Christmas or New Year, which is usually the time of the year when you send messages to almost everybody even if you don't talk to them the rest of the year. :)))

I'm sorry for one or the other, because in the beginning I had such wonderful and amazing conversations with them, but then they just disappeared and I never heard from them again. That's a pity, but I guess other matters are more important there now, so that cannot be helped. Others, like I said, are still complete strangers to me and even if I addressed them directly and they promised to comment more often, that promise was the only reaction I got all year.

And then there was one of you girls who seriously commented to one of my posts only with the words I need your help - come to my LJ. And then there were like 20 questions you needed your flist to answer urgently for some school paper and you promised to finish the WIP you've been writing on for like two years in return, which was a nice idea actually. xD Well, it was a Sunday and I had other things to do, but I took like two hours of time answering all these bloody questions, so you could write your paper. - I never heard from you again after that. Not even a simple Thank you for your help. Sorry, but these are things I just can't tolerate any longer. You may ask any favor from me, but don't ever use me. I think it's common courtesy to say Thanks if you asked a favour of someone, isn't it?  And, of course, that story was never finished, either. Not that anyone has expected it.

Bottomline is, some people do bother me simply for their ignorance and that's why they are out of here now. I won't even wait another day. If you got cut and want to stay, you can comment (!) on my Welcome post and I consider re-adding you, but I bet those I'm gonna cut now won't even read this post - like all the others before.

Thanks to all of you lovely peeps who bring me so much joy simply by talking to me once in a while or even on regular terms. I appreciate it!!
Luv ya. 

Take care -

~ Tariel ~


Meleth, Estel a Harthad - Part 7

Title: Meleth, Estel a Harthad
Status: complete
Pairing: Legolas/Aragorn
Rating: NC-17
Warning: some m/m slash scenes, little fluff perhaps, stubborn
Elf, filthy Human, ugly Orcs who get their butts kicked
into next week. That should be it.
Disclaimer: all fiction (you wouldn't have guessed, huh?) and of
course all entirely Tolkien's (except for some minor
characters I've added).
Summery: After the war, when the Fellowship parts, Legolas and Aragorn
come to realize how they truly feel for each other. But accepting
their new relationship is not easy and their path is a rocky one,
for not everybody is willing to accept them together and the fact,
that Death will part them eventually, is an ever present threat.
But then fate takes an unexpected turn that changes both of their
lives forever.

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Pic story to go with "No more regrets"

Actually, I was thinking about posting another funny manip, but I'm still not having a complete hang of this LJ thing and how to post a picture and hide a second one beneath a cut. So far that hasn't worked. You may know it hasn't, in case you got several messages for deleted new posts on this journal. If you did, sorry about that - and sorry about the next 20 that will probably pop up on your screen any minute now, if my next attempts fail as well. Bloody thing.

The pics are totally harmless - hey, I'm not Luzestrella - so you can view them with your kids. :-) LOL
Now, since we are in a slash community that was actually a compliment, dear Luz, since I'm being the boring PG rated wuss here. XD Do I need a spanking for that?

Now, I just give this a try now. Here goes:

So far so good ...

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Sunday Manip

Alright, weekend's up (Lord be praized) and it's almost bedtime for me, so I post one more manip today and then call it a day.
It's not one of the funny ones with text this time - just a rather cuddly one I like. Well, at least Colin is rather cuddly here and
quite frankly I think, he is actually the more romantic, more cuddly one of those two, although he is depicted as the selfish,
unsensitive bastard in almost all of the fanfics. I dare to differ with that point of view, so here's cuddly Colin and bearing-the-
situation-if-he-must Jared. XD